Ethics Commission Lobbyist Registration
Requirements for Lobbyists
  1. All Lobbyists are required to attend an Ethics Training Class for Lobbyists. If you attended a Lobbyist Training Session in 2011 or later, you are NOT required to attend again in 2019.
  2. Registration as a lobbyist is now required if your duties include promoting or attempting to influence the awarding of a grant or contract with any department or agency of the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branch of state government.
  3. Registration deadline is January 31 or within 10 days after the first undertaking requiring such registration.
  4. Agency Heads and Public Employees
    To obtain a "Badge" for access to the Alabama State House, a letter from the agency director must be submitted to the Ethics Commission listing those employees who are designated to provide and/or communicate information relating to policy and/or positions affecting said governmental agencies which they represent.
The online registration has closed and will reopen soon. If you are still needing to register for the 2018 year, please contact Vicky Manning at the Alabama Ethics Commission at (334) 242-3748.
Check on the status of your registration, click here.