Alabama Online Driver License Issuance

  • The following licenses can be renewed or duplicated using this system:
    • Driver License
    • Commercial Driver License
    • Commercial Learner's Permit
    • State ID Cards
    • Star ID
  • Licenses may only be renewed by this online application once every 8 years.
  • Driver licenses and ID Cards are eligible to renew 180 days prior to expiration date.
  • A valid credit card is required to use this application.
  • A non-refundable fee will be collected at the end of your transaction. If for any reason the transaction is not completed, your card will not be charged.
  • Only renewals and duplicates can be performed online.
  • Visit an ALEA Driver License Office to:
    1. Change your address.
    2. To add or remove license classes, restrictions, and/or endorsements.
  • If you have recently moved and have a Forwarding Address, the post office WILL NOT forward a license or ID Card.
  • You MUST have a printer available to print your 30 day temporary license.
  • Your new permanent license or ID card will be mailed within 30 days. A temporary receipt will be provided that is valid for 30 days.
Technical Support: 866-353-3468 or