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Please complete either individual owner's information or business information as stated below.
NOTE: You must enter the name exactly as it appears on your previous registration.

  • Registration "renewal months" are based on the first letter of the customer's last name; therefore, renewals should be done in the designated month for your last name. Failure to do so may result in receiving decals that fall short of the length of one year. (See schedule below.)
  • Boat registrations are not pro-rated; the full registration fee will be charged regardless of when the registration is renewed. No refunds will be issued for registrations renewed prior to the designated "renewal month."
  • Please be advised that the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen decals.
  • By renewing online, a customer agrees that they will be responsible for replacing decals in the event that they are lost in the mail or stolen.
  • Replacement decals may be obtained by submitting an application along with applicable fee.
Last Initial Renewal Month
A, D January
B February
C, E March
F, G, N April
H, O May
M, I June
P, L July
J, K, R August
Q, S, T September
U, V, W, X, Y, Z and all businesses October
I have read, understand, and agree to the above statements for renewing my boat registration online. You must read and check the box above confirming that you have read and agree.
For policy-related questions please contact: 1-800-272-7930
For technical assistance please contact: 1-866-353-3468 or
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