Alabama State Board of

Chiropractic Examiners

You will not be able to login and complete your renewal application unless the system can verify the Board office has your continuing education, the correct business license on file and the required citizenship documents. You must fax or email any needed documentation 2 business days prior to logging in.

Licensing Services

Initial Licensure - Apply for an Alabama chiropractic license online.
If you are a military spouse seeking initial licensure please contact the Board office before applying.
License Renewal - Renew Alabama chiropractic licenses online. Available August 15th until December 31.
License Reinstatement - Reinstate lapsed or inactive chiropractic license in Alabama.
Print Renewal Card - If you have completed your license renewal, please click here to print your card.

Facility Services

Facility Permitting - Submit a new or renew an existing chiropractic facility online.
Print Permit - If you have completed your permit renewal, please click here to print your permit.

Other Services

Fees and/or Fine Payment - Find and submit payments for any or all pending fees and/or fines with the Board.
License Verification - Download and print license information for Alabama Doctor of Chiropractic. Verifications may be mailed or printed.
Continuing Education - Submit course work for seminar eligibility approval
Seminar Search - Search approved seminars


Per 34-24-160(b) and 34-24-165(f):
The fingerprints will be utilized to conduct a federal and state criminal background check. Being possessed of sound mind and legally competent to complete this request, the applicant authorizes the Alabama Board of Chiropractic Examiners to obtain any and all criminal history information on said applicant from the ALEA and/or FBI. Applicant may challenge or appeal any portion of his/her own Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) that he/she believes to be incomplete or inaccurate by visiting the website of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) at or call (334) 353-4340. ** Your application cannot be finally processed until the appeal is decided. Submit ALEA Release Form, 2 Fingerprint Cards, and a Money Order for $38.25 payable to ALEA Records and Identification.
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