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Bar Examination Fees
RULE III - RECIPROCITY $1300 The applicant is licensed in a state which has Reciprocity with Alabama (Rule III, Rules Governing Admission).
UNIFORM BAR EXAMINATION (UBE) SCORE TRANSFER APPLICANTS $750 The applicant has taken the entire UBE in a single administration in another jurisdiction and earned a total UBE scaled score which is transferable to Alabama, Rule VI, (B)
RE-APPLICANT AND a RESIDENT of ALABAMA $475 The applicant filed a prior Bar Application with the Alabama State Bar within the past 5 years AND
The applicant has not filed in another jurisdiction AND
The applicant owes bar fees since the last filing with the Alabama State Bar
Applicant Information
*Examination Period:   July 2015 Bar Examination
  Registration for the February 2015 is not available at this time.
*Applicant Type:   Re-Applicant
  Reciprocity Applicant (Out of state attorneys qualifying for reciprocity)
  UBE Transfer Applicant
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