Course Introduction
Course Outline
Forms and Instructions
I.  Values
II.  Rights Protection
III.  Alabama Services
IV.  310 Authorities Role
V.  Case Manager`s Role
VI.  Tasks and Responsibilities
VII.  Comm. and Documentation
VIII.  Signs, Crisis Intervention
IX.  Determining Eligibility
X.  Resources and Supports
XI.  Children Services
XII.  Soc. Security & Medicaid
XIII.  Summary
XIV.  Appendix
Final Exam
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Course Outline

I. Values/Concepts/Philosophies

  • Values
  • Social Role Valorization
  • Social Wounding
  • Self-Determination
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Person Directed/Centered Planning
  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • Resources
  • Sources

II. Rights of People with Mental Retardation and Other Disabilities

  • Disability History
  • Law Suits and Civil Rights
  • Protecting the rights of people with developmental disabilities in Alabama
  • Disability Organizations that Support and Defend the Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Quality of Life Issues for People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • National Core Indicators Project
  • Resources
  • Sources

III. Overview of Mental Retardation, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Delivery of Services in Alabama

  • Overview of Intellectual Disabilities
  • Definition of Intellectual disability
  • Alabama`s Department of Mental Health Division of Intellectual Disabilities
  • Overview of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
  • Other State Service Organizations
  • Resources
  • Sources

IV. 310 Authorities Role

  • Resources
  • Sources

V. Case Manager`s Role

  • Case Manager`s Roles
  • Seven support functions of Case Managers who work with individuals with mental retardation
  • Case Manager and Confidentiality
  • Case Manager requirements
  • Identifying and Accessing Resources and Sources of Support
  • Enablement Techniques in Identifying and Accessing Supports
  • Leadership Styles
  • Case Manager Burnout
  • Resources
  • Sources

VI. Case Manager`s Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Targeted Case Management
  • Billable Case Management Services
  • Non-Billable Case Management Services
  • Case Management Services for People with Intellectual Disability

VII. Professional Communication and Documentation

  • Communication
  • People First Language
  • Documentation
  • Case Management Documentation required by the Department of Mental Health and Medicaid
  • Other Legislation that ensures privacy and confidentiality of personal information

VIII. Signs and Symptoms of Illness, Crisis Intervention, Safety, Mental Health and Behaviorial Concerns

  • Signs and Symptoms of Illness
  • Crisis and Crisis Intervention
  • Six Step Model of Crisis Intervention
  • Individual and Case Manager Safety Issues
  • Mental Health and Behavioral Concerns

IX. Eligibility for Division of Intellectual Disabilities and Waiver Services

  • Eligibility for Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services and Waiver Services in Alabama
  • Waiver Services
  • Enrollment Process
  • Re-Determination of Eligibility
  • What Do Case Managers Need to Check on the Waiver Documents?
  • Services Provided by the Waiver
  • Other Waivers That May Be Available for Persons with an Intellectual Disability

X. Building Resources and Supports in Your Community

  • Resources and Supports
  • Resources
  • Supporting Individuals
  • Social Support Systems
  • Accessing resources and sources of support
  • Major Sources of Support
  • Social Support – The Case Manager’s Role
  • Roles of Support Providers
  • Microboards
  • What is PATH?
  • Self-Directed Support Corporations (SDSC)
  • Resources and Support Agencies

XI. Services and Supports for Children

  • Values and philosophy of supports and services for children
  • Systems of Supports and Services for Children and Families in Alabama
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Department of Human Resources (DHR)
  • Medical and Specialized Services
  • Children`s Rehabilitation Service (CRS)
  • Generic supports and services for children and families

XII. Social Security and Medicaid

  • Overview of Social Security Disability and Work Incentives
  • SSI Work Incentives
  • SSDI Work Incentives
  • Overview of Medicaid and Medicare in relationship to Social Security Disability Benefits

XIV. Appendix

  • Let’s meet Mary:
  • Let`s meet Jack:
  • Let`s meet Kay:
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