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Subscriber Instructions / Requirements
Thank you for your interest in the Alabama Background Check system. The next few screens will walk through the subscription process which must be completed and approved before any records may be retrieved. Please be aware of the following steps and be sure to have the needed information available.

Requirements, you must provide/complete the following to register for an Alabama Background Check account.
  1. Print, sign and date the Alabama Interactive subscription agreement with the Alabama Background Check addendum.
    To learn more about becoming a subscriber and for additional resources, click here.
  2. Your company information.
  3. Number of employees.
  4. Your company FEIN.
  5. Company contact information.
  6. Authorizing official information.
  7. Payment information (credit card number and/or corporate checking information including account and routing number).
  8. Information on the Agency/Entity your company/entity/agency is licensed and/or regulated by: (Entity name, address, phone, contact person to verify status, describe what entity does).
Be sure to follow these instructions and have all the needed information available and we thank you for your subscription.
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