Alcoholic Beverage Control Board License Renewal
License Renewal Instructions

Note that this application is LATE and late fees WILL apply.


You will be required to renew your state ABC License(s) via our on-line process.
This process will begin June 01, 2022 and end July 31, 2022.

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover or Electronic Check

** ATTENTION: You must have a FUNCTIONING PRINTER to proceed. You will be PRINTING YOUR OWN LICENSE(S) and payment receipt immediately upon renewal completion. **
    Before Starting the Renewal Process
  • Install current version of Adobe Reader. Download it here.
  • When installation is complete, restart your computer and log back onto this site.
  • Thoroughly read all instructions before proceeding.
  • Please note that an e-mail address will be required to complete the renewal process.
    Logging In
  • You will need the postcard renewal notice in order to complete the renewal.
  • Log on to access your account.
  • You will need to enter your owner I.D. number (found on front of postcard, top number on the right of the address).
  • Enter your ABC license number (If you have multiple licenses, choose one).
    Renewal Process
  • Once logged in, review each location and make certain that all locations are present.
  • Review each location to verify that all license types are present.
  • If any information is incorrect or you have questions, CLICK HERE to contact your local ABC Licensing & Compliance office.
  • All locations MUST be renewed at the same time.
  • Provide all required information.
  • You may be required to upload various documents to complete the renewal process. Please see upload requirements below:
  • Delivery Service Licensees must upload a copy of their current General Liability policy
  • All licensees must upload a copy of their current Liquor Liability Policy (excludes Wholesaler, Importer, Warehouse, and Tobacco Licensees/Permittees.)
  • -Manufacturer licensees must upload a copy of their current Tax Bond with corresponding Power of Attorney.
  • -Wine Wholesaler licensees must upload a copy of their current Wine Wholesaler’s Bond with corresponding Power of Attorney.
  • Pay as prompted.
  • Print your confirmation page and license.

   I have read and understand the above information and agree to its terms.
*Owner ID:

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*License Number:
   (NOTE: Password provided by ABC)